Lisa Goldberg

Lisa Goldberg

Director of Social Emotional Learning and Social Studies at the North Syracuse School District

Lisa Goldberg has built powerful relationships with and createdinnovative programming for students, staff, and families throughout her career with the North Syracuse Central School District.Prior tobecoming the Director of Social Emotional Learning and Social Studies, Lisa served as a high School Social Studies teacher at CNS High School for 21 years before she transitioned to working with new and non-tenured teachers as the district’s first Consultant Teacher. In her current position, the two hats she wears allow her work in areas in which she is passionate.  

3:15 pm - 4:45 pm

Workshop #3: Implementing Suicide Prevention Planning in Schools: Practical Tools and Guidance

Each year more than 80 school-aged children die by suicide and nearly 2,000 are hospitalized for suicide attempts in New York State. How should schools respond and what resources should be utilized? Through reallife examples of school and community partnerships, participants will learn about the components of a comprehensive approach to school suicide prevention with an emphasis on best practices and how to access resources, consultation, and training toward improving suicide safety.