Thursday, September 20, 2018
10:30-11:45am Postvention and Grief Work
Novel Approaches for High-Risk Suicidal Veterans
Prevention, Intervention and Postvention: Creating Suicide Safety in Schools
Regional Suicide Prevention Leadership Team
Implementing Suicide Safer Care in New York State
12:25-1:15PM Plenary Session: Trauma-Informed Suicide Prevention: What Is It and How Do We Get There?
2:30-3:45pm Using Data to Inform the Development of Suicide Safer Care
Problem Solving Strategies for Suicidal Clients
An Introduction to Helping Students At-Risk for Suicidie at School: A Workshop for Student Services Professionals
The Value of Lived Experience Narratives in Changing Atitutudes About Suicide
Highlighting Socio-Cultural Constructs for the Consideration of Suicide Prevention in Black and People of Color Communities
Disparities in Suicide Outcomes, The Role of Social Determinants and the Need for Prevention Strategies
4:00-5:15pm School Community Partnerships: Growing Our Prevention Capacity
New Yorkers Advancing Suicide Prevention in Healthcare, Schools and Communities
The Role of Social Connectedness in Reducing Risk for Suicide Across the Lifespan
Types of Functional Impairment as Correlates of Social Connectedness
Neighborhood Belonging among Hispanics in Midlife
Coalition Infrastructure Funding: 2019 and Beyond
New Yorkers Advancing Suicide Safer Care (NYASSC)
Increased Suicide Risk Among Transgender and Lebsian, Gay, and Bi-sexual Youth: What Can Be Done About It?
Designing a response to the suicide increase in the Latinx LGBT communities
Friday, September 21, 2018
10:00-11:15 The Interpersonal Theory of Suicide Across Diverse Populations
The Interpersonal Needs Questionnaire for Spanish Speakers
New York State’s “Way forward: Pathways to Hope and Recovery with Insights from Lived Experience”
Suicide Alertness for Everyone Training (SAFETALK) – Part 1
Clinical Assessment and Management of Youth Suicide Risk
11:30-12:45pm Creating Safer Communities for Veterans
Veteran Perspective On Suicide
Supporting Older Veterans’ Well-Being in the Community
Engaging and Supporting Families in Suicide Prevention
Suicide Alertness for Everyone Training (SAFETALK) – Part 2
Integrating Means Reduction Counseling into Safety Planning