2019 Schedule (PDF)


8:45AM Registration Begins

10:30AM-11:45AM  Concurrent sessions

  1. Examining Factors Related to Suicide Risk Among Racial/ Ethnic Minorities in Diverse Settings Jazmin Reyes-Portillo, Rafael Perez-Figueroa, Sharifa Williams, Ellen-ge Denton
  2. Helping Children Live Through the Obesity Epidemic – JoAnn Stevelos
  3. Suicide Safer Communities: Training for Behavioral Health and Primary Care Providers on Prevention- Nadine Chang, Virna Little
  4. New Yorkers Advancing Suicide Safer Care for Youth: Implementation 101- Sigrid Pechenik, Brett Harris, Christa Labouliere, Brianna Maher
  5. Methods for Training Suicide Prevention Researchers: Lessons Learned from the Center for the Study and Prevention of Suicide – Kim Van Orden, Yeates Conwell, Ian Cero, Caroline Silva

12:00PM-1:15PM Lunch-Opening Remarks

1:30PM-2:15PM Plenary Session  How Partnerships Energize Suicide Prevention  –Scott MacLeod

2:30PM-3:45PM Concurrent Sessions

  1. New Yorkers Advancing Suicide Safer Care:  Zero Suicide Grant Learning Collaborative Series: Engaging Families and Supportive Others in Working with Suicidal IndividualsBeth S. Brodsky, Thomas C. Jewell (Closed Session for Zero Suicide and GLS Grantees)
  2. Recognizing and Attending to the Relationship between Child Sexual Abuse, Suicidal Ideation, and Suicide in Youth- Pamela Pine, JoAnn Stevelos
  3. Unique Approaches to Engaging Veterans and their Families in Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment-Eric Hardiman, Sarah Sullivan, Dev Crasta, Marianne Goodman
  4. Implementing Suicide Prevention Protocols in Schools with Diverse Racial/Ethnic Populations: Two Examples from the Field- Francis Macri, Sara Salitan-Thiell, Jess Chock Goldman
  5. Suicide Prevention Coalition Session Garra Lloyd-Lester, Brianna Maher (Coalition Attendance Required)

4:00PM-5:15PM Concurrent Sessions

  1. Lessons Learned, Participant Experience, and Preliminary Data from the Implementation of Zero Suicide in New York State Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinics– Christa Labouliere, Prabu Vasan, Anni Cummings
  2. Multicultural Considerations in the Delivery of Suicide Safer Care in Health Systems- Nadine A. Chang, Alexi Saldamando, Karina Diaz
  3. Rural/ Agricultural Panel – Anna Platz, Amy Lafler Mann, Kate Downes
  4. The Intersection of Substance, Opioid, and Gambling Addiction, and Suicide:  What the Data Tell Us and Recommendations for Community-Based Collaboration- Jaime D. Costello, Brianna Maher
  5. Building a Comprehensive, Sustainable Campus Suicide Prevention Program Using a Public Health Approach: A Framework for Success- M. Dolores Cimini, Estela M. Rivero, Joyce DeWitt, Melissa Ertl 

5:30PM-6:30PM Networking Reception & Poster Session & American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Quilt Display

6:45PM-8:15PM Dinner and Awards 


8:00AM-9:15AM Registration and Breakfast 

9:30AM-10:45AM Plenary Session

Youth Suicide: A Call to Action- Panel Discussion

11:00AM – 12:15PM Concurrent Sessions

  1. Effectively Engaging High Risk Youth– Alex Frisina
  2. Postvention: The impact of suicide and overdose on professional caregivers- Silvia Giliotti, Garra Lloyd-Lester, Brigette Hartman- DeCenzo, Crystal Hewitt-Gill
  3. Class is in Session: A Model School District Policy and Suicide Prevention Guide- Pat Breux, Mitch Samet
  4. Cross-Cutting Issues in Suicide Prevention: Economic Factors of Suicide and Support for Caregivers- Oscar Jimenez-Solomon, Johanna Louie
  5. Suicide Risk, Help-Seeking, and Service Utilization among College Students- Carrie Masia Warner, Dolores Cimini, Giana Calabrese 

12:15PM-12:45PM Boxed Lunch

1:00PM-2:15PM Concurrent Sessions

  1. Suicide Prevention for Diverse College/University Students: The Intersection of Race and Sexual Orientation– Richard Shadick
  2. Suicide by Firearm and Reducing Access to Lethal Means- Leah Hines, Garra Lloyd- Lester
  3. It’s ElementaryDavid N. Miller, Marcie Bouchard, Pat Breux
  4. Risk Formulation: Using Case Studies to Examine Best Practices in Formulation of Risk– Beth Brodsky, Christa Labouliere
  5. Creating Suicide Safer Schools: Building Social Emotional Wellness and Resiliency in Schools- Alec Miller, Matt Costello

2:30-3:15PM Concurrent Sessions

  1. Warriors Mental Health and Wellness Club and Additional Suicide Prevention- Melissa Smith, Ellen Herlihy, Alex Depaoli, Amy Malloy
  2. Key Elements in Suicide Prevention Program Evaluation and Accessing and Interpreting Data – Katharine Comber, Brianna Maher (Coalition Attendance Required)
  3. Suicide- Specific Treatments for Youth with a Focus on Dialectical Behavior Therapy- Christa Labouliere, Alec Miller
  4. Substance Use and Suicide- Brett Harris, Melissa Tracy, Monika Taylor, Lisa Mancini
  5. Serving and Preventing Suicide among LGBTQ and Minority LGBTQ Communities – Keygan Miller, Liam Cudmore

3:15PM Conference Adjourns