An image of the conference announcement, with a stock image of students sitting in a classroom with peers.

Conference Background:

The nation is currently facing a youth mental health crisis. Over the last two decades we have witnessed alarming trends in worsening youth mental health. Recent data complied from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention painted a particularly concerning picture of high school age student mental health cutting across all youth demographic groups. Despite the alarming trend, there are a number of effective actions we can take to not just weather the current crisis but to shift to a more preventive approach that supports and sustains youth mental wellness. Bringing diverse perspectives, including hearing from youth themselves, this one-day conference will highlight key components in a comprehensive response to the youth mental health crisis, including one of the most powerful tools at our disposal: changing the way we talk about mental health – in our schools, in our families, in the workplace, in our communities. How we talk about mental health matters.