Tanya Hernandez

Tanya Hernandez

Family Policy Advisor for the WNY Region's Families Together in New York State and the Office of Child & Family Services

Tanya Hernandez is the Family Policy Advisor for the WNY region with Families Together in New York State and the Office of Child and Family Services. As a mother of three sons and five grandchildren who personally navigated the Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare, and the mental health systems, Tanya brings a wealth of lived experience into all the work that she does.  

Working  one-on-one with families for 18 years as a bilingual, credentialed advocate, she has always worked with families to assist them in finding their “voice” to be champions in the services they need and receive. She now brings that voice to yet another level and to all the systemic places in which it needs to be heard. 

 Tanya strives to incorporate those skills to ensure that all marginalized populations are at the forefront of meaningful conversations and family driven solutions. With a passion for advocacy, she steps into every role looking forward to “building bridges” between the system and the communities they serve. Using a DEI framework and lived experience, she brings the family voice to the various systems and make certain that the family perspective is part of the policies that drive much needed change. 

11:20 am - 12:30 pm
Hear Parent & Caregiver Voices!

Fostering Family Resilience: Navigating Youth Mental Health Together

Join our diverse panel of parents who have experienced the New York State Mental Health system firsthand. Through their stories, gain valuable insights into navigating youth mental health challenges. Also hear from a researcher from the Born This Way Foundation who has been evaluating what makes a difference to youth and families. Discover practical strategies for communication, early recognition, and resilience-building within your family. Empower yourself to make a positive impact on your family's mental wellness journey.