TJ Curtis

TJ Curtis

Program Coordinator at Families on The Move

TJ Curtis is an individual who has experience in foster care, juvenile justice, and mental health. TJ has started giving back as a youth advocate for MHA in NYC. From there TJ sat on a few boards of directors via SAMHSA, the Technical Assistance Partnership, Federation of families and Youth M.O.V.E. National inc.  

TJ’s current work is as a program coordinator with Families on The Move partnering with the OMH of NYC to provide services, advocacy, and peer to peer along with trainings for the families and youth who are partnering with OMH. TJ has developed and or provided parenting classes, anger management, etiquette classes and Parenting Journey to name a few provided physically and virtually for those who are interested and or are mandated.  

In addition TJ teaches self-defense and has started a men group which is to help direct, guide, provide and educate young men and fathers to find and develop their roles in the community and at home. Through experience, education, and of faith. To help men understand who they are, that is okay to be vulnerable. That they are needed, and that their masculinity is not toxic. The goal is to connect men and families to services, to utilize the tools that are available to develop a healthy community and for the home. 

11:20 am - 12:30 pm
Hear Parent & Caregiver Voices!

Fostering Family Resilience: Navigating Youth Mental Health Together

Join our diverse panel of parents who have experienced the New York State Mental Health system firsthand. Through their stories, gain valuable insights into navigating youth mental health challenges. Also hear from a researcher from the Born This Way Foundation who has been evaluating what makes a difference to youth and families. Discover practical strategies for communication, early recognition, and resilience-building within your family. Empower yourself to make a positive impact on your family's mental wellness journey.